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I'm a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and the creator of the SmartBody Method™ for weight loss. I show busy professional women a set of tools to manage their appetite and activate their fat-burning hormones so they can lose weight permanently without diets, supplements, or packaged weight loss foods.

Prior to becoming a coach, I worked in corporate accounting and finance. After college, long hours at the office combined with a lack of understanding of how to feed myself healthy food led to a significant weight gain.  

As I began trying to lose the weight through diet and exercise, I felt discouraged because even though I tried a lot of different diets, I wasn't able to stick to any of them for very long.  Whenever I dieted, I just felt hungry and tired.

I channeled my frustration into years of study, lost the weight and kept it off, and picked up a few professional certifications along the way. I started helping other women lose weight by applying 5 simple tools. 

The secret to losing weight permanently is learning to manage your appetite. We are already born with the natural ability to regulate our appetite and our weight.  I can show you how to reclaim it, step by step.

You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along.
— Glinda, The Good Witch (Wizard of Oz)